“The energy patterns in our charts are absolutely finding expression in our lives. The real question is, are they supporting our highest evolution?”
-Elizabeth Dietz

After a lifelong fascination with holistic healing, energy medicine and shamanism, Elizabeth began studying WATSU and WaterDance Therapy at Harbin Hot Springs in California.

While practicing these beautiful aquatic therapies for over 6 years, Elizabeth trained in many different forms of energy healing including Cranial Sacral Therapy, SHEN, Reiki, Zen Shiatsu, and Shamanic Healing. Wanting to deepen her experience, Elizabeth embarked on a 6-month adventure to Peru in order to learn more directly the ancient shamanic traditions.

She studied with Inca and Quero Shamans in the Andes Mountains, and lived with Shipibo and Ese Ejas Shamans in the Amazon. Elizabeth learned life changing lessons and had extraordinary experiences that have informed her life and work.

Today, under the loving and supportive guidance of brilliant astrologer David Cochrane, Elizabeth is excited to bring her vast knowledge of energy healing together with the wisdom of the stars as a practicing Vibrational Astrologer. Elizabeth lives in East Hampton, New York.