Zodiac signs are an underlying internal process. They describe a way of being and of relating to the world. My teacher says we try to extract way too much out of zodiac signs. I agree.

The spiritual process and function of Leo is the formation of our identity, concerns of self development, and self empowerment. This deeper significance is paramount to healthy Leo. Becoming a healthy, whole, self expressive and creative individual, supporting others growth in their endeavors and clearing away blocks to this growth is what Leo is all about. They end up charismatics when they become the artists of their lives. Ultimately, they want to find their unique signature and master the resources available to them.

The idea that the lion wants to be on the stage or in front of big crowds is not born out in research based astrology. That shows up in the aspect patterns and the Vibrational Charts. What is born out though, is that Leo’s can be self critical, proud and even shy. They can be amazing leaders because they care about being the best they can be, and they want to empower and champion others to be the best they can be. Leo’s become dysfunctional when they put all their energy into themselves.

Because they are so fascinated with personal development, this can express itself by becoming life coaches, therapists, even teachers due to an interest in helping others overcome personal limitations. However, if Leo experiences childhood abuse, there can be a disturbance in their sense of self. Who am I? Am I here? How do I know myself?

Success in relationship with a strong Leo is intimately related to how they’re handling their own Leo energy, and their partners willingness to grow and continue working on themselves. The Lion takes pride in their partners personal achievements. Leos become deeply and intimately involved in whatever they are working on and who they love. If they’re self centered, lack empathy and are solely concerned with their own creative pursuits and success, life with the lion is difficult. Another manifestation of an unhealthy Leo is when they deny their need to feel a healthy sense of accomplishment in some way. If their potential is blocked, denied, or is believed to be thwarted by others, they end up frustrated and angry. Conversely, if they discount themselves, become timid, or solely help others succeed, having little confidence in their own abilities can leave them defeated, miserable and possibly blaming their partner for their lack of success.

It’s important that Leo does not settle only for external rewards without a deeper and meaningful experience of their success. If this happens, they will eventually come up short and empty inside.

For healthy Leo’s, life is largely about freeing themselves of what blocks and impedes them from their fullest creative expression. Likewise, equally important to Leo is their partner must work to bring out their own best selves into the relationship and the world. Lions thrive on differences that don’t interfere, but compliment each other. They need to gracefully advocate for the gifts of others. Not by advertising or bravado so to speak, but a genuine appreciation and support for what each has to offer the larger world.

With a Sun in Leo, it represents the basic way you are, and isn’t as sensitive or vulnerable as the Moon or Rising sign. With the sun is in Leo, the person should just “be” Leo, aligned with the spiritual processes of Leo, making those traits simply a part of their being and comfort.

Having a Rising sign in Leo equals strong Leo. You’re sensitive about Leo, and developing your full potential is an important challenge of your lifetime. When we fully embrace and “do” our rising sign, its deeply satisfying to us and calms our soul. It’s a part of us that needs to be externalized and brought out to share with the world. This is very important as the rising sign is not some superficial mask. Leos spiritual process of self development should be taken seriously and used as a source for our evolutions as all rising signs should be. It’s a force that needs to be expressed to assist us in our daily lives and will bring us peace when these spiritual processes are embraced. Leo Ascendant sincerely wants to be making an impact and stand out.

Moon in Leo automatically builds in an instinctive way of responding. It deals with issues of respect and integrity about our individuality. Never have conflict with a persons moon sign because you will operate outside their personal comfort zones, which may ultimately feel threatening. Where we come from and what we have made of ourselves holds our deepest parts and is connected to our souls work.

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