Equally Respected, Equally Needed

Ruled by Venus and ushered in with the Autumnal Equinox as the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator, Libra is the beginning of the more collective signs in the Zodiac. Each sign looks out onto the world through a lens, and Libra sees something fundamentally important about pairs, reaching out to form partnership, and combining things together in order to create something special.

Libra dislikes hierarchy and marginalization, demanding each party is respected, heard, and their opinions valued equally, even when they are children. Parents of a Libra child should not talk down to nor “hush” their young one as Libras need to feel they are welcome to share their thoughts and feelings.

For Libra individuals, there is a sense of wholeness and fulfillment when relating to others as equals. The importance of voluntary participation by each member can’t be understated. Libras may seem to be accommodating or even indecisive when you first meet them, but they are ultimately looking to be invited into the decision making process with you, even if it’s just what to eat for dinner. This desire for harmony in order to build the relationship, and to be equally needed and involved is profound.

Librans are not always soft and gentle. They’re very sensitive to feeling dominated or taken advantage of by another as it’s imperative they maintain their individuality. In the extreme they can become dysfunctional or even violent when feeling dominated or disrespected by parents or lovers.

You may find your Libra friends can’t seem to make up their minds. This is because sometimes the choices feel equally important to them. The sense of needing perfect balance drives this Cardinal sign.

Rule Required For Libra: All Parties Are Equally Important. They Do Not Have To Be Equally Gifted, But All Must Be Equally Respected, Valued, Appreciated, And Heard

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